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Why Grace Kitchen Design Sell Beeck Kitchens?

Why Grace Kitchen Design Sell Beeck Kitchens?

Truly Rigid Construction, Not "Ready Assembled" - our kitchens are a glued and doweled and put into a hydraulic press, this construction method delivers perfect alignment which provides integrity and strength to our furniture .
Many so called rigid products are actually ready assembled in factories like flat pack furniture, visible screws or hex bolts visible in the cabinet are a tell tale sign of this.

Industry leading 19mm HDF carcass – stability and strength is offered by a carcass that is up to 3mm thicker than many manufacturers.
The carcass is High Density Fibreboard,  a HDF cabinet can hold up to 15% more weight than a draw attached to an MDF cabinet, it is also more mosisture resistant.

Solid HDF backboard – To maintain the quality in every aspect of our furniture the same  material is used on the back of our cabinets.
Many other kitchen manufacturers use solid backs to make their cabinets rigid, like flatpack furniture. Our product is stable and rigid without the back attached due to the construction methods we use.

Made to order and bespoke - your kitchen is built specifically for your order, with the doors and cabinets in exactly the required dimension for your space. This maximises the storage you can have and means no compromises on your design.

80 door choices and over 3000 colour options - unrivalled choice for our clients, we have a style and colour for everyone

No foil or vinyl wrapped doors - A foil or vinyl door can delaminate if moisture gets into the cabinet edges or door fronts if they are damaged. This measn the colour will lift from the door and it will need to be replaced.

Lifetime warranty on draws and hinges - all the moving parts in your kitchen cabinets come with a lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind for our clients.